It pays to be responsive

Posted by on Mar 15, 2012 in Web marketing | No Comments

I heard recently that more than 50% of web browsing in the UK is done on mobile phones. Despite searching online I have found no data to back up this claim, but anecdotally I know that more and more people I know are surfing on hand held devices. Personally, I’m always Googling in the pub to win an argument, and frequently cheat at crosswords with an online dictionary. Well, it’s educational.

So with this thought in mind we decided that our lovely new website would be able to automatically adjust its content to whatever screen it was being viewed on. To use the current jargon this means it is a responsive site. A responsive site allows for an advanced layout to recognise a smartphone or computer tablet, and simplify its design to fit. It involves more work for the web designer, but is well worth the extra effort as all elements are fully functional and no magnification is required to view the site on an iPhone or iPad or similar.

Now that the new site is up and running I couldn’t be happier: when I meet a client or prospect I can easily take out my phone and offer an instant demo, wherever I am. When the client checks the website on their own phone, they can click on my number and call me anytime, or pass it on to friends and colleagues who may be interested in our services. And if you’re not viewing this article on your phone, give it a go now. You’ll want your site to the do the same.

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