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Hmm, just realised that I’ve just asked myself a question with a headline. Well, that’s what you get from spending too much time with yourself working at home I guess, but it’s relevant to this blog post. When I start each week, I have certain jobs planned. This week that meant writing the main feature for a¬†swimming magazine, swapping over some adverts on the same, producing the email newsletter for Art of Swimming, and some promotional activity for the AoS. I’ve also been looking into some sponsorship possibilities for the Outdoor Swimming Society, and working on a website proposal for a major new Edinburgh organisation. So far so routine, but I’ve also begun working on a more unusual job.

As of this week I am putting together and promoting a running workshop for Malcolm Balk, the Alexander Teacher and running coach who wrote Master the Art of Running. He is to the running world, what Steven Shaw and Art of Swimming are to swimming. Malcolm is based in Montreal and he comes to the UK once a year to pass on his wisdom and technique to recreational and competitive runners. However, Malcolm had never taught in Edinburgh, and when interviewing him for the magazine in February I suggested he came here, he said, “Okay, if you arrange it.” Never one to dodge a challenge I agreed.

The workshop is on Saturday 14 May and so I have been running (how appropriate) round town all day with posters (see above) for running shops, contacting runners groups and Alexander Technique teachers who might have pupils who like to run.

Most interesting were Edinburgh’s running and triathlon shops. I’ve never been a runner myself, walking’s my thing, but it’s easy to see how you might be seduced by all the spangly kit available. There were shoes that favour the front of the foot, shoes that offer stability (as opposed to what exactly?), shoes that offer support, and shoes that mimic running barefoot (surely negating the need for shoes?). Then there is all the clothing in hi tech material when probably what you have rolled up at the bottom of your wardrobe would do.

But I digress. The point is that, as John Lennon once sang, “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”. I know that some would say you should concentrate on your core business and not be distracted, but the truth is I like to try new things and you never know where it might lead.

Next week, I expect to find myself immersed in the world of Adult Education for another new client. It’s a fresh subject for me, but one I’m looking forward to immensely. Oh yes, and if you have a project that you’d like to run past me, give me a call. I might just take up that challenge.

Have a good weekend everyone, and if you are interested in a running workshop in Edinburgh click here for more info.

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